We Spent Two Years To Make Sustainability Legitimate And Easy.

The Four Pillars To Our Comprehensive Sustainability Model

Emissions Offset

With every item purchased, 500 pounds of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. Unlike other compaines, our CO2 offsets are legit and backed by 4 internationally reconized non-profit organizations.

For businesses, you can remove up to 5 metric tons of CO2 per item purchased.

Product Materials

All of our products are composed of either 100% recycled materials, 100% organic cotton, or a mixture of both. This helps make our brand as environmentally conscious as possible while catering to comfort.

Who knew sustainability could be so soft?

Fair Artist Pay

We have teamed up with up-and-coming artists across the country to create the designs that have helped us become so recognizable.

We pay our artists proportionally to the amount of their design sales—the more products you purchase, the more money our artists make.

Packaging & Delivery

All of our products are packaged in 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, and all deliveries' transit emissions are automatically offset with your purchase.

We never charge customers for shipping, regardless of order size and delivery distance.

Sustainability Is The Foundation Of Everything We Do & Say

In the video below, our sustainability director Kevin Oakley, thoroughly explains how we legitimately incorporate sustainability in all aspects of our organization. Click to learn more!

Our Promises To Our Customers

We're determined to gain your trust. We think the best way to do this is by never feeding you the B.S. you're used to hearing from "Eco-Freidnly" companies. Click the tabs below to read our promises to you.

D.E. will never pre-purchase materials.  Each item is made-to-order. We only produce items after they're sold to prevent contributing to landfills.

The price you see is the price you pay. Shipping & taxes are always included. No hidden fees ever.

All items are priced under $40. We're for the masses, made to scale. We will never become a luxury – or what we like to call, an overpriced – fashion brand.

We legitimately offset carbon dioxide through a third-party partner who is highly verified, including the backing of the United Nations and The Gold Standard.

We purchase carbon offsets in large quantities bi-weekly, on the 14th and 30th day of the month at 5pm EST USA, which not only allows us to offer competitive pricing but also ensures customer privacy. After a recent purchase, customers will be notified about the fulfillment of their offsets, depending on the number of items they bought.

We strive for a fashion variety that represents all people. Always remaining conscious and purposeful in crafting streetwear styles for all types of backgrounds for our customers to wear with pride.

We make tough decisions to ensure sustainability and thus the balance between environment, economy, and society. We will never compromise this balance by favoring one of these sustainability catalysts over another.

We will remain constantly informed to incorporate new solutions to help mitigate the ever-evolving environmental crisis. Our products will always reflect this.

We're not afraid to try something different. Being unique often requires courage. It's our job to be courageous so that our products can install a similar courage in all our customers who wear our merchandise.

We always do what we say. Every time, in all things Daddy Environment.

We're relentless in our diligence to solve the environmental crisis. That's a promise.

A Message From Our CEO

Our Company's Purpose

our leadership

Kenneth Warren, CEO

Kenneth is a results-oriented professional with a proven track record of success in various roles across different industries and educational backgrounds. From launching innovative projects to fostering collaboration and driving impactful change, he remains passionate about making a meaningful difference in every role he undertakes.

As a professional, Kenneth feels most comfortable in situations when I am given complex problems to solve. His track record of success largely stems from the ability to adapt to new challenges, simplify complex problems to communicate them in an easy-to-understand manner, and, sequentially, solve them with a unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and practical execution.

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Shopping with Daddy Environment Means You Support Local Businesses, Local Artists, and The Environment.

At Daddy Environment, you are what you wear.

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Our Policies

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Return Policy

We offer free returns in one of the following possible (but unlikely) instances for customers: items that are damaged in transit or orders that contain incorrect items/number of items.

In these instances, we request that customers contact us through the contact request form provided in the "contact" page of our website, within 24 hours a Daddy Environment representative will respond to the customer with instructions to receive a full refund of the given order. Customers have up to 30 days after order delivery to fullfill this service.

CO2 Offset Purchasing Cycles

As stated in the above promises that Daddy Environment makes to its customers, Daddy Environment agrees to protecting both customer costs and privacy by purchasing carbon credit in bulk on a bi-weekly basis.

Daddy Environment purchases carbon offsets in large quantities bi-weekly, on the 14th and 30th day of the month at 5pm EST USA, which not only allows us to offer competitive pricing but also ensures customer privacy. After a recent purchase, customers will be notified about the fulfillment of their offsets, depending on the number of items they bought.

CO2 Offset Legal Clause

Daddy Environment LLC is not liable for any failure by Carbon Checkout, our outsourced carbon removing company, to fulfill carbon dioxide orders. We have exercised due diligence in verifying that Carbon Checkout is a legitimate and verified vendor of carbon dioxide extraction. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damages or losses resulting from Carbon Checkout's failure to fulfill carbon dioxide orders. By purchasing our products, you agree to release Daddy Environment LLC from any liability related to Carbon Checkout's performance.

We promise to legitimately purchase the agreed upon number of carbon offset credits relative to the number of items that we sell, and we will provide notice of the fulfillment of those credits to our customers. However, we cannot guarantee the performance of Carbon Checkout or any other third-party vendor.